Self awareness Sunday…combating fear!

1. Emphasize your strengths. Focus on what it is that you are capable of achieving and praise yourself for your strength and your struggle than focusing on the results. Beginning on a foundation of things that you are capable rather than what should you be doing will help you live and work within your limitations.Continue reading “Self awareness Sunday…combating fear!”

Selfawareness Sunday….Is ’fear’ holding you back???

#selfawarenesssunday Self-Confidence is generally described as the ability of an individual to have faith and believe in his/her abilities. According to psychiatrists when one has self- confidence it normally results in having great self-esteem. Self-esteem is defined as the “worth” that one can place on himself. It is his measurement of his own value asContinue reading “Selfawareness Sunday….Is ’fear’ holding you back???”

SelfAwareness Sunday….

#sundayselfawareness 🔅Words and statements have to power to build or destroy. But it is how you use them that gives them the capacity to do good or do harm. One example of this is through the use of affirmations, statements which describe a desired condition or outcome, and which are repeated often. The repetition ofContinue reading “SelfAwareness Sunday….”