25 ‘Hyperfixation’ Habits People Use to Cope With Mental Illness | The Mighty

Members of The Mighty’s mental health community share “hyperfixation” habits they use to cope with mental illness. — Read on themighty.com/2018/08/hyperfixation-habits-mental-illness-anxiety/


There is a well known and very much overlooked ‘secret’ that Master Manifestors use continuously. It is a very basic, simple component that sets in motion all that exists in the human world. We all know it is real and absolutely necessary. Yet the vast majority of people do their level best to avoid it.Continue reading “#Tuesdaytips…”

Daily Reminder…..

Good morning friends….😁 For those of us who suffer to pull it together, please remember your smile says a lot! It says your strong even if you feel weak…. It says your beautiful when you feel ugly…💋 It says your fighting when you feel like hiding in a corner…. Have an awesome day😃

Tips For Anxiety Relief…

Sleeping has become one of my greatest struggles. I’ve spent countless nights, tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling with a million thoughts rushing through my head. Regardless of how tired I was that day, I still find it so difficult to close my eyes and get rid of all those thoughts – my anxietyContinue reading “Tips For Anxiety Relief…”