Is It More Difficult for Women to Quit Drinking Alcohol?

Being a woman is hard. I know, I’m probably the first person to ever say that. While I could delve into all the reasons for this fact, I don’t have 17 lifetimes to kill, so I’ll focus on a subject… — Read on Wow what a great article👌🏾

Social Anxiety & Substance Use Disorder Were Linked In A New Study & Here’s What You Should Know

At one point or another, you’ve probably met someone who identifies as “a social drinker” — you may even identify as one yourself. People drink casually for a host of reasons: to help them unwind, because they enjoy the taste, and even as a “social… — Read on

Wellness Wednesday….

Want to loose weight, sleep better and boost your immune system? 1 Have a lie down Back pain can be avoided and the damage repaired with one easy exercise, which is lie down on the floor with your knees bent, hip width apart, feet on the floor. Do this daily for about five to fifteenContinue reading “Wellness Wednesday….”

Start Your Day in Prayer…Prayer for Success

Your Word teaches us that it is acceptable to ask for a successful life. Expand our borders, God, and let us find prosperity and success in this life. You said that You came that we may have life and that we may have it more abundantly. Grant us that abundant life, God. Let my lifeContinue reading “Start Your Day in Prayer…Prayer for Success”