How To Stay Positive….and Stop Complaining!

Now…that I have your attention 🤷🏽‍♀️ I know this is a horrible way to talk about this topic, but I wanted to stress how crazy complaining about your situation can be! Nobody wants to hear it and you don’t get what you want doing it. 🔅Remember You Are What You Think You Are🔅 Are youContinue reading “How To Stay Positive….and Stop Complaining!”

Start Your Day in Prayer 🙏🏾

Good morning friends, as you go about your day remember you become what you think, so think happy positive thoughts! Your prayer: Free me from all the thoughts that bind me from having a positive life, that I may break free and live a fulfilling life. Free me from the darkest of my thoughts, thatContinue reading “Start Your Day in Prayer 🙏🏾”