Monday Motivation

#upgradeyourthoughts #mondaymotivation 👉🏾It is human to have down times, where we feel discouraged, depressed and listless. The difference lies in how quickly we choose to get over those things that are holding us back, or making us feel less than our personal best. And that, I believe, is the key: being able to get pastContinue reading “Monday Motivation”

14 Toxic Thoughts To Let Go Of If You Want To Be Happier | HuffPost Life

These negative phrases are often automatic ― and they could be destroying your mental health. — Read on Great read…good morning ☺️

‘Just don’t give up’: Finnegan living proof that there is always a better day ahead

The latest Irish and international sports news from The42 — Read on I’m proof of this as well, there’s always a comeback that’s right around the corner….hold on! Olivia