Tuesday Thoughts….positive affirmations!!!

#affirmations 💫Developing a positive mindset is one of the most powerful strategies to turn your life around. Positive affirmations can help develop a powerful and positive attitude to life, which are essential elements in living a successful and healthy life. Positive affirmations are essentially positive thoughts or statements about some outcome that you wish toContinue reading “Tuesday Thoughts….positive affirmations!!!”

Improve Your Words, Improve Your Life…..💫

💫Words and statements have to power to build or destroy. But it is how you use them that gives them the capacity to do good or do harm. One example of this is through the use of affirmations, statements which describe a desired condition or outcome, and which are repeated often. The repetition of affirmations automatically andContinue reading “Improve Your Words, Improve Your Life…..💫”

Speak and Confirm It…Affirmations! 💫

#affirmations #speakandconfirmit 💫Positive affirmations are a great tool to rewire you subconscious mind from a state of negative thinking to positive. The basic concept is to create positive statements based on situations or outcomes which you would like to see manifested, and repeat them often enough so that they become part of your way ofContinue reading “Speak and Confirm It…Affirmations! 💫”

Affirmations and Positivity 💝

Everyone has that little voice within themselves that constantly tells them when they can or cannot do something. Most often, that little voice is giving you a million and one reasons why you can’t, which only adds to our self-doubt. Positive affirmations are positive thoughts or words that describe a desired situation or outcome, such as success.Continue reading “Affirmations and Positivity 💝”

You Can’t Sex It Away: A D*ck Appointment Is Not An Antidepressant – xoNecole

In the words of the Wise Solange: — Read on http://www.xonecole.com/you-cant-sex-it-away-a-dick-appointment-is-not-an-antidepressant/ Omg an awesome read😉