Want a Stressed Free Holiday??Follow These Tips 🎄🎁👇🏾

“The stress-free way to enjoy the holidays is to plan, take one step at a time, and have a sense of humor.” Beth Tabak Can you feel the holiday jitters beginning? Suddenly there it is right around the corner. Relax! Take time to plan well now and ease into the holidays with a big smile.Continue reading “Want a Stressed Free Holiday??Follow These Tips 🎄🎁👇🏾”

5 Health Benefits of Crying That Will Totally Surprise You

Letting yourself cry can be the most powerful form of stress relief and self-love. And the health benefits of crying are wonderful! Let’s talk about it… — Read on mshealthesteem.com/benefits-of-crying/ With the holidays upon us, we will probably be doing lots of crying and guess what? This blog post said it’s healthy! Enjoy☺️