Self~Love Day5 Build a Community 💓

#selfloveday5 #buildacommunity 💓A good friendship is when you both can trust each other and can count on one another and you know when to comfort you, not aggravate you! 💓No friend should have you ready to slap them, lol! Your friend should be ready to clap instead 👏🏾 💓Take and build a tribe full ofContinue reading “Self~Love Day5 Build a Community 💓”

Self~Love Day5: Build a Community

#selfloveday5 #buildacommunity 💓Self-love and relationships go hand and hand, you can’t keep people around you that are toxic and negative! If you love yourself, love yourself enough to know that you will not put up with unwanted advice, baggage, and selfishness. You deserve better period☺️💓 💓Remember self-love is important for enjoying a happy, healthy, andContinue reading “Self~Love Day5: Build a Community”