Self~Love Day4 Know Your Body

#selfloveday4 #knowyourbody 🔅If you are struggling to love your body or yourself, here are 5 things to stop 🛑 doing to yourself: 1. Stop letting a comment from someone else determine how you should feel about your body, heck they may need help with their look too😉 2. Stop waiting to reach a certain weightContinue reading “Self~Love Day4 Know Your Body”

Self~Love Day 4 Knowing your Body

I just love this post, we should all be in love with our bodies, because God created it! Our bodies are temples, if we treat it bad so will others. We no longer are conformed to the thoughts of the world of what we should look like! It’s your body love it as is!!!! Olivia

Self~Love Day4: Knowing Your Body

💭 Think about, your brain is never seen but yet we show it off and love it! Now using affirmations, self-talk, and positivity enhances your brain 🧠 I don’t know about you, but my brain is absolutely the most sexiest thing on my body, so take care of it!!! Olivia Join me for a LiveContinue reading “Self~Love Day4: Knowing Your Body”

Self~Love Day4 Knowing Your Body

#selfloveday4 #loveyourbody Good Morning Friends,☺️ Did you know that people with self-love are healthier people? If I could share my heart ❤️with you for a second…life is hard, but living life when you don’t have self-love is VERY hard. Learning to love your body enough to take care if it is straight up self-love. KnowContinue reading “Self~Love Day4 Knowing Your Body”