3 Simple Ways to Live Happy Now👇🏾




💜Everyone strives to be happy but the mistake that everyone makes is that they think that happiness is some kind of finishing line in a race. Once you crossed that line, you will live happily ever after. That is NOT true. Happiness is a choice! You can choose to make your life happy. So here are a few ways you could try:

1. Let go of past memories.

Everyone has both sad and happy moments. So forget about your painful memories. What’s in the past stays in the past. Instead focus on your good memories and move on.

2. Be optimistic.

Always try looking on the bright side of things. Look for the silver lining behind each dark cloud. For example, if you had an unfortunate accident and your car is badly dented, but on the bright side is that nobody got hurt and that dent in your car can be repaired. There is always a bright side to look on so be optimistic!

3.Don’t let the small stuff bug you.

Remember all the small petty stuff that used to bother you? Forget all about it and focus on the bigger picture. Life is too short to be worry about trivial stuff.



A Self~Love Humor ☺️

I’m so in love with tooting my own horn, now you try it!!!!😉

Love yourself

Praise yourself

Be Kind to yourself


💓Here are some comparisons:

*Everyone else has a better car

*Everyone has a better marriage

*All my friends are well off

*My neighbor house is bigger

*Most women are prettier than me

I totally get it. I did it too – but (thankfully) not as often as I once did.

💓We are slaves to comparison and that’s not good, remember what you see on the internet is not their real life….let me say that again, ”what you see on the internet is not their real life”!!!!👏🏾

💓 Consider what we already know

Until we learn to celebrate + adore ourselves wholly for exactly the way we are today, in this package, at this weight, mascara streaked tears, with a manicure that is 10 days past due and looming grey hairs, we will never love another. Because when you believe you are enough, you stop screaming + start listening; you’re kinder and gentler to yourself + kinder and gentler to others.


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Self~Love Series Day2



💓 You need to learn to accept yourself.

🖊Take a piece of paper. Now write down all your flaws. Write down everything that you hate about yourself. After you looked at it, now tear it up! You need to see the negative stuff but not keep that crap around.

You need to learn to accept yourself with flaws… but today my dear😘

🖊Now write down a list of the things that you love about yourself. Be kind to yourself. You will soon discover there are plenty of things to love about yourself. Then you can stop comparing yourself to others.

💓Remember you are Uniquely You for a reason….☺️


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Olivia B. Shepherd

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Self~Love Day2: No More Comparisons



💓Good Morning beautiful souls, Day 2 of my Self-Love Series, today I want to focus on ’comparisons’!

💓We spend so much time comparing ourselves to the social media selves of others, that we forget all about our true self.

💓Be who God created you to be, not what you imagine you should look or be like.

Have an amazing day☺️


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Olivia B. Shepherd

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