What Does Self-Love Mean

#selflove #mondaymotivation 💫You need to be yourself. Forget about trying to fulfil other people’s expectation. Don’t live your life for others. If you fulfilled their expectations, would you feel happier? The answer is NO. Start living life for yourself! 💫At the end of the day, you have to live with your decision…so choose wisely! Olivia

God Loves You Just The Way You Are!

#selflove #mondaymotivation 💓I love this affirmation because; its ok to love all of you! You know….the bad you, messy you, the cursing you, the addiction you, the ’I don’t care you, and so on. You get it, love every part of you! Loving yourself for who you are and not who people think you shouldContinue reading “God Loves You Just The Way You Are!”

Love Yo Self First💓

☺️Good Beautiful Souls, 💓Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and started criticizing your appearance? Or there is that little voice in your head that keeps on putting you down? Well, learn to shut that voice and all that negative thoughts up. All those thoughts are just pulling you down and stopping youContinue reading “Love Yo Self First💓”