Emotional Dependency?


🔅Emotional dependency means getting one’s good feelings from outside oneself. It means needing to get filled from outside rather than from within. Who or what do you believe is responsible for your emotional wellbeing?

🔅This week I will focus on why it’s important to be aware of your emotions in your workplace, life, relationships, and your business!

🔅There are numerous forms of emotional dependency:

* Dependence on substances, such as food, drugs, or alcohol, to fill emptiness and take away pain.

* Dependency on processes such as spending, gambling, or TV, also to fill emptiness and take away pain.

* Dependence on money to define one’s worth and adequacy.

* Dependence on getting someone’s love, approval, or attention to feel worthy, adequate, lovable, and safe.

* Dependence on sex to fill emptiness and feel adequate.

🔅Can you relate to any of these, 🙋🏽‍♀️I know I can, so this week I will focus more this topic!



3 thoughts on “Emotional Dependency?

  1. Angel Espinoza says:

    I have some questions concerning trauma-bonded , and emotional dependence.
    1. If i am emotionally dependent, does my boyfriend automatically become a narcissist?
    2 My boyfriend and i are 22yrs apart with me his seinor. We got together when my husband died. Then, he helped me with my dad, and my dads death. Hes all i know. What does this make me?
    I realize i need help. My boyfriend is a good man. I dont want to hear any bashing toward him. I had these issues before him. Now, they are just larger.
    Thank you for your time a d hope to hear from you soon.
    Angel E.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Olivia B. Shepherd says:

      Hey I don’t think that makes him a narcissist, I think he’s probably genuinely a good man! I’m not understanding your question, are you thinking something is wrong with him for being with you?


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