Happy Thursday Survived another Hurricane

We survived another hurricane as Micheal passed through here in South Carolina.

Prayers for Florida and everyone else still in the path of this monster storm.

Days like this I wish the world would just stop and come together because you never know when it could be your last time.

All I know God is good and He will have our back in any storm we face!

Have a great day, going do some relaxing while we have this day off!!!


Speak Over Your Life



🗣Make this confession loud and clear:

I rise above adversity and I attain new heights of achievement by the power of God. The Almighty God is turning my tribulations into triumphs, failures into fortunes, set backs into successes, obstacles into opportunities, burdens into blessings, I refuse to be hampered by handicaps, I refuse to be dismayed by discouragement. I refuse to be overcome by opponents, I refuse to be defeated by disappointments, I refuse to be destroyed by disasters. I take divine insurance over disasters, tragedies, physical and spiritual accidents, injuries, infirmities, and distresses, in the name Jesus.

Don’t be pushed by your circumstances, be led by your Heavenly Father! Anxiety and Depression will no longer hinder our lives!