✨More often than not we all come across those bad feelings, most of the time we don’t understand how to handle them.

✨Well here are some ways you can help get those feelings under control:

▪️Feeling Tired😩:

*Go outside

*Take a walk

*Drink some water really fast (watch out for brain freeze 😉)

*Take a brief nap ( if you have kids, nap when they do)

*Eat a healthy snack 🥒

(Don’t forget you got this)

▪️Feeling Overwhelmed: 🤦🏽‍♀️

*Ask yourself? What is the one thing if I completed it would make the day a win?🙌🏾

*Ask yourself? Is this what I should be focused on? How can I change my thoughts!?

*Breathe just breathe and know that everything doesn’t need your attention!

(Don’t forget you got this)

▪️Feeling Bad About Yourself: 🤷🏽‍♀️

*Ask yourself? Are you judging yourself on a relevant metric?

*Focus your sadness into helping others, there’s always somebody worse of than you!

*What bad things are you saying to yourself, write them down and counter them with something positive

*Pray and talk it out!! But don’t EVER forget…😁💗

(You are awesome and you got this)




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