Tip Tuesday👇🏾



🍁Waiting for a time when everything is perfect and in place will cause you to lose your enthusiasm and abandon your goal. Conditions may never be as perfect as you desire. You may never have all the money, time, or knowledge you desire to begin working on your goals.

🍁You must take risks, learn and improve as you go along and then watch as everything begins to fall in place. If you have to wait for the perfect time to begin working on your goals you will be waiting a long time!

🍁So go out and do it Now! What are you waiting for?


A little Tuesday Tip👇🏾




Good Morning, remember this 👇🏾 as you start you day:😊

🍂You don’t need anyone’s permission to fulfill your dream. Trust yourself and give yourself permission to succeed. Having support from people whose opinion you value is a wonderful thing but it should not be the criterion for whether you begin acting on fulfilling your goals or not

🍂If you really desire to turn your idea into reality, constantly floating it around and seeking the approval of people will waste your time and kill your dream. What will happen to your idea if you don’t get the approval of those whose permission you so desperately need? Nothing! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Run your ideas by me so I can push you into your greatness:👇🏾



Gratitude Journal 9/25/18 📒

After a frustrating day, a few minutes with a good book or a soul-renewing walk can give me a renewed perspective.

So can a few minutes of prayer.

God, thank you for easing my fears and frustrations and putting things in perspective.

A few minutes God is always a great way to show your gratitude towards Him.

Have a wonderful day☺️