Tuesday Thoughts 💭

🤔This is a question a use to wrestle with a lot! When you’re in a state of depression, those ’negative voices’ in your head have a way of making you feel worthless, hopeless, and pitiful.

▪️I know longer let those thoughts corrupt my mind and neither should YOU!

▪️I believe, believing in yourself means you trust your thoughts, you have confidence in all you do.

▪️You begin to trust your feelings, your gut, and your intuition.

▪️You also began to believe that your ideas and plans will work when your friends and family laugh at you.

🔅So take my advice, forget what your depression mind thinks about you! Stand in front of the mirror and jot down whatever comes to your mind, repeat these findings repeatedly until they are drilled into your brain 🧠

🔅I would love to know what you come up with! Don’t shy ☺️ if you can “believe it, you then achieve it”!

▪️If you need some help or a virtual cheerleader 📣 let’s chat:👇🏾




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