Tuesday Thoughts πŸ’­

πŸ€”This is a question a use to wrestle with a lot! When you’re in a state of depression, those ’negative voices’ in your head have a way of making you feel worthless, hopeless, and pitiful. β–ͺ️I know longer let those thoughts corrupt my mind and neither should YOU! β–ͺ️I believe, believing in yourself means youContinue reading “Tuesday Thoughts πŸ’­”

Tuesday Motivation

πŸ”…I’ve been through some bad day’s throughout my life time and each time it didn’t break me! πŸ”…I’ve dealt with some people and still deal with people who don’t believe in me. πŸ”…I’ve been drunk, abused, and had my name dragged through the mud, it didn’t break me! πŸ™ŒπŸΎI tell you this because the roughContinue reading “Tuesday Motivation”