Still Not Happy? Why Embracing Painful Emotions Is The First Step To A Happier Life

As the western world has become increasingly fixated on being happy, more people have reported feeling depressed. So what does it really take to be happy? Studies show that there’s no recipe but by embracing pain and unhappiness we can open the door to more of what brings us joy. — Read on AContinue reading “Still Not Happy? Why Embracing Painful Emotions Is The First Step To A Happier Life”

Believe in You, Love You 💕

💕 Do you wish you had high self-confidence? Some of us go through our life fighting against that feeling that we are just ‘not good enough’. We convince ourselves that we don’t matter and that we don’t deserve to amount to anything…..but what price do we pay? The fact is that many people are lackingContinue reading “Believe in You, Love You 💕”

Ahhh! Saturday😊

Good morning, here from South Carolina where the storm has decided to just sit over us!🤷🏽‍♀️Still praying for our neighbors in North Carolina! So this means we will be staying in all day waiting for this storm to pass! Besides, I’m all bandaged up so there’s not much I can do anyway, but hop overContinue reading “Ahhh! Saturday😊”

Cirrhosis of the Liver – Dr. Drew Pinsky Reveals What Heavy Drinking Does to the Liver

In a recently resurfaced clip, Dr. Drew Pinksy reveals what cirrhosis of the liver looks like. — Read on