What a ‘Bad Pain Day’ Feels Like | The Mighty

A woman explains what a “bad pain day” is really like.
— Read on themighty.com/2018/09/bad-pain-day-symptoms/

Those of us who suffer can understand her pain literally!

Gratitude Journal 📓 9/6/18 Gods Perfect Timing

God, I know you’re not in a hurry-

Your plan for me are on time.

You need no schedule or reminders

For I’m always on your mind.

I know you have drawn the mosaic

And you’re fitting each tile in place.

As I continue to follow your plan.

Help me not to hurry or race.

So as my life’s pattern continues

And the next part begins to unfold,

It’s you I’m thanking and praising,

It’s your hand I cling to and hold.

Gods timing is always perfect!! Trust Him🙏🏾

Have a Bless Day,