What It’s Like to Be a ‘Happy’ and ‘High-Functioning’ Depressed Person | The Mighty

A woman shares what it’s like to be a happy person with depression. — Read on themighty.com/2018/03/happy-depression-depressed-person/ Love this article explaining to people who don’t believe I’m sick is truly hard. It’s even harder when they see me smiling and trying to go about my day! Olivia

Ask and You Shall Receive: My morning read👇🏾

Good Morning, this was my morning read so thought I would share! It may seem like isn’t any of your prayers, but keep asking. Your job isn’t getting any better, keep asking. You have constant doubt, lack of motivation, and no hope, keep asking for He Shall Answer!🙂 Keep On Asking “And so I tellContinue reading “Ask and You Shall Receive: My morning read👇🏾”