3 Sexy Games to Play with Your Partner While Depressed💋

Being depressed is hard on all of us, but not being able to perform for your partner sucks as well.

Although though there aren’t many studies on why your sex drive is nonexistence;or low while suffering from depression, all I know is it happens.

It happens to me and I’m pretty sure to you, but you’re a little shy to speak about. That’s ok, I’m here to help.

I’m not a ’sex therapist, 😉just giving real-life accounts of what I have recently been experiencing for some time.

Depression doesn’t have to take away your sex life altogether, here are 3 sexy games you can play with your mate to spice up the bedroom 💋😘


Just like the ’drinking game’ but hotter and way better.

Find a tv show or movie, pick a ’word’ and every time that word is mention get close cuddle and kiss😘💋

This could lead to a lot more 4 play depending on what word you pick, kissing is the sexy part of 4 play at least for me.😉


I love this game because you get to act out some kinky things in your mind.

All you need is a box, pen and paper, a spouse with an open mind and a great attitude.

You can write your fantasies down on paper and you and your spouse can pick from box once a day.

We all know sharing fantasies can be uncomfortable, but start slow and just write down things you haven’t tried with your spouse, then work you way up to the good stuff.😉

3. STRIP POKER♠️♦️♣️♥️

We all love to play card games, why not try this spicy one instead of gaining money, you will lose some clothes.😉

This gives you and your spouse a chance to tease each other.

Start slowly with a shirt, then pants, socks, then that bra🤫ok ok you get the idea😂!

So there you have it, 3 fun games to play to get you and your spouse in the mood. Promise you will thank me later…..😉

For more on tips, how to communicate with your spouse, and ways to help you understand depression during this time. Stay tuned…for my new course!

Sex and Depression:

Reconnecting With Your Spouse, and Have Great Sex!

Ms. Fran💋


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