Sex and Depression:

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, if you struggle with some type of depression, we all know it can take a toll on your sex life.

For me personally, I just absolutely didn’t want to do it all. Thank God my hubby is a truck driver so he’s not home much.

Hell there was a time sex was something I couldn’t live without, not going to lie that’s how I made my living back in the damn day!! Lol 🤭

Now, I just feel like a cooked goose, lol! Some days I literally go to bed late to keep from him diving on top of me😂

So here are some tips that have helped me along to at least keep him happy!

1. Please seek help for your depression, I know therapy isn’t an option for most, but please talk to someone!

2. Clear your damn mind before going into sex. I know our minds are racing, but try to focus on your partner at that time.

3. Fourplay can be so helpful during this time, ask your partner to explore your body with you. Touch each other softly, while whispering sweet nothings in each others ears.

4. Find out what you like about sex and focus on that! Me personally I’m a visual gal, I’ll let you all use your imaginations on this one😉

5. Figure if your medication is messing with your libido. I several medications out there have the side effects of lower sex drive, so ask your doctor if they could recommend taking another pill or get something to enhance your sexual desire.

I know this topic seems a little risky, but I was having this problem and wondered if anybody else was feeling this way too? We all know talking is therapeutic and what better way to connect, through sex!!!!!

Ms. Fran (sex majesty)


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