Trying ToFind A Better Way Of Life….

We all have days when the world appears to fall on our shoulders. At these times we feel being happier, living healthier, and being strong is out of reach. A few of us deal with tension as it comes our way, while others find it hard to handle. 

Behaviors, thinking formulas, habits, and the way you conduct yourself can shape how you feel. If you let the awful behaviors dominate your brain, you’re injuring your health as well.

If you want to live happier, you have to control your emotions. Don’t let your emotions control you, hell I know that’s extremely hard for all of us, lol! Negativity will only lead to ill-health and a breakdown in communication with whomever you come in contact with. 

Letting your negative emotions take over can lead to sorrow and pessimistic thinking. Basically, negative energy (emotions) is self-denial. It’s a vast problem that’s causing you to suffer. A few health consequences of damaging energy could lead to stroke, hypertension, heart attacks, and so forth. Take it from me, my blood pressure was constantly up which started to make me feel dizzy and scared.

If we practice using positive energy it will reflect well on others, and frequently the energy will spread warmth all around. If we learn to formulate positive energy we will start to glitter like stars, which will make you feel pleased inside and out. 

I know life gets so hard at times, hell there are days when I’m like “forget this adult shit”! We just have to train our brains to see the positive in every situation even if the situation sucks. 

Now, I don’t have all the answers to having a better life, but hell I can make some suggestions for you that have helped me lately.


*Your attitude plays a huge part of being happier, when you have a favorable outlook or attitude it moves you to achieve your goals and plans.

*Train your brain to think only during wake hours, to unwind and think positive. Attempt to focus on one task at a time, which will encourage memory and relaxation. Try not to fret, everything will be ok!

*Try meditation, mediation helps to clear your mind and helps you implement positive thinking. You have to practice centering your attention while in mediatation mode. You can listen to soft sounds, or center on objects.

*Meditation is enlightenment of the spiritual mind. When you meditate correctly you practice straight posture, breathing, centering, and attitude. Practicing meditation will promote awareness, as well as encourage relaxation. If the mind and body loosens up, it boosts health and happiness.

*Last, but not least, just fucking relax already! We spend so much time worrying about things that are totally out of our damn control! I know this all to well, our brains are not big enough to take on the weights of the world, or other people problems. So relax and live life before life is taken from us!!!

Ms. Fran



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