Why Self-Care is So Important😊

Happy Friday night and first day of June! What a great day I had. What did you do? For the the first time in a long time I left my sad, depressed, overwhelming mind behind.

I got home from a hot long day and decided I would take a nap. My mind was going 500 miles per hour and I really needed to rest. My nap gave me so much life!!!🙌🏾

I got up and went to get my nails and feet done, but while I was there I fell asleep in the massage chair. 😳YES! I was so relaxed and refreshed, I decided that I wasn’t taking all that baggage in my mind to the nail place.

I’m tired of worrying about people and things I can’t control, for once in a long time I was thinking about me. Me and me ONLY!!!

Every now and then people we need to put ourselves first, the hell with others. I have long believed that self-care is important, but today it really stuck in my stupid head.

In a nutshell, it’s about being as kind to yourself as you would be with others!😊

Have a great night!

Ms. Fran


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