Alcohol and the Summer Holidays…triggers! ๐Ÿค

If you struggle with alcohol, holidays can be triggering and stressful. Last night I made the mistake of letting my boredom get out of hand. I decided I would have one drink since I hadn’t had one in a while. Well, one turned into a hangover this morning and no church.

I was so disappointed in myself, devastated, and disgusted. I had worked so hard to stay sober all this time to blow it all. I really have to be honest with myself at this point, I may need a sponsor because I can’t do this alone.

The holidays bring so many triggers; because every bbq I was invited to had drinking. So I decided to hang in the house this weekend with my hubby, around him I’m safe because he absolutely hates me drinking.

I let the devil get the best of me last night, I kept thinking about my son, my life, my career, and tears just ran down my face. I was so down in the dumps all because I was bored. Wow!

Well, I haven’t given up on myself yet, I just know now that I will need that extra help. Thank you to all cheered me on sorry I let you down.

Ms. Fran


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