Week 2 on Keto ðŸ˜²

Week 2 on the Keto diet and I’m still alive. I have survived a week of no pizza, brownies, or ice cream.😫 Eating healthy is expensive and hard ass work. I’m constantly checking labels, and the things that are healthy are super high. That makes me wonder how the government expects poor people to eat healthy on food stamps. Thank God I’m in a position to be able to afford these foods. Eating healthy isn’t as bad as I thought, I feel a little better about what I stuff my face with and I know in the long wrong it won’t ruin my body. I haven’t been on a scale yet and won’t get on until May 2. My weight going in is 276, hopefully, some of that number has shaved off!!! I’ll keep you posted…..

Ms. Fran


5 thoughts on “Week 2 on Keto ðŸ˜²

    • blackgirldown says:

      Hope you like it, I lost on 9 lbs after 2 months! I got super hungry on it! My hubby has been on it for almost a year and lost almost 200lbs! I usually cook all his meals from certain recipe sites!!! Good luck on it!!!😊

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