Are you a Sex Expert🤨

Wow, I know this question is blunt and to the point but I need to know. In 3 three weeks I will release my 3rd ebook ”Sex and Depression” and I want to hear from you. I will also host a virtual summit and would like to interview a few of you. Much like depression, the topic of sex is also taboo. We need to have this discussion because it affects so many of us who are diagnosed with mental illness. With the chemical imbalance in my brain, the antidepressants, and the lack of energy. Believe me when I tell you sex is not on my list of priorities, but how does this affect my spouse?How does it affect your relationships? Has this become a problem, but you can’t seem to explain this to your partner/ spouse. Then let’s talk, I’m looking for a few experts, spiritual healers, and just everyday folks who would love to discuss this topic with me. Please don’t be shy, I will only ask 5 questions and with your permission, it will only be aired in my Facebook group. For those of you who sign up for the summit will receive a free copy of my new ebook before it comes out!

So please share this post and if you’re interested, please reply here with your email, or email me at:

Don’t be shy! Let’s talk

Ms. Fran


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