Positive Affirmations

Happy Thursday, thought I would leave some positivity for you today. I know the weather is probably gloomy where you are and that makes our minds go off to negative land. So read these out loud or create your own, I will say it again, affirmations do wonders for me and hope they help someContinue reading “Positive Affirmations”

A Mom is Sentenced Too: 79 days and counting! πŸ˜”

Some days are better than others, I cry, I laugh, I worry. I wait for his emails like I’m waiting for a tax check to come through the mail. Lol ok, I needed that laugh! I’m up early this morning after crying my little heart out. I miss my son so much, my heartaches likeContinue reading “A Mom is Sentenced Too: 79 days and counting! πŸ˜””