Soulful Sundayโœจ What are you feeding your Soulโ“

Good morning, what are you feeding your soul this today? My son sent me an email expressing his fear of failure, that got me to thinking what is he putting into his mind? What have I been teaching him all these years? Is this learned or taught behavior. Fear has influenced many of my decisionsContinue reading “Soulful Sundayโœจ What are you feeding your Soulโ“”

โœจSelf Care Saturdayโœจ

What did you do today just for you! Me: Took a Eucalyptus and Lavender bath ๐Ÿ›in the middle of the day. I had a long productive week, I’m really in high demand in my cleaning business this week๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ, so not complaining!!๐Ÿค‘ After my relaxing bath I have decided to slip into pjs and enjoy theContinue reading “โœจSelf Care Saturdayโœจ”