I’m only about 67 days clean, so this is straight goals for me🙌🏾😊


5 thoughts on “Soberity

  1. Donnalee says:

    Good for her, especially being young and popular and open about it. Good for you too. I am looking for ACoA/ACA/adult children of alcoholics groups near me lately, since they have a lot to offer and I grew up with two alcoholics. it really can affect your life.

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      • Donnalee says:

        That’s too bad. My parents got drunk separately–my dad openly drank a ton of beer (3-4 sixpacks of 16 oz. bottles a day), and my mother sneaked a ton of martinis. It did kill my dad, and my mother is still alive, about 87 years old, and i had to clean her up and take care of her this Thanksgiving when she drank half a bottle of the cousins’ expensive scotch, thinking it was wine (??!!).

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