‘Harmless’ Things People Heard as Kids That Affect Their Mental Health | The Mighty

Members of The Mighty’s mental health community share “harmless” comments people said to them growing up that affected their mental health negatively.
— Read on themighty.com/2018/02/harmful-abusive-comments-parents-teachers-make-to-kids/


Self-Care Saturday!!

Good morning all! Today is the day to think only about you. Ok ok, lol I know that’s not entirely possible! But if you had the complete day to yourself, what the hell would you do???🤨😊 ✨I mean if I could get rid of my hubby, dog, and phone! Hmmm, I would start off with a Huge breakfast with mimosas 🍾, then sip coffee in a comfy bathrobe, then head straight to a lavender bath. After all, it’s my day so being lazy is up my alley. I would end the day with a nice massage with some hunky guy and a thick steak😂 ’a girl can dream’ right?✨Oh well, I guess I’m back to reality so I’m getting up preparing breakfast and folding clothes today😂 wishing you all a great Saturday!!! Chat soon