Wednesday’s Motivation:

Happy Wednesday…I’m back up and running just a little. That cold just snuck up on me! As I lay in the bed my mind started to wonder, why did I have to get sick now? What is God trying to tell me? Sometimes we are our worst enemies, I started feeling a little lazy and scared. Scared that I would get use to my bed again and not want to come from under the covers. I didn’t let this get me down too long, so I’m up at my desk this morning, reading and mediating. I’m about to conquer this day with force…life is too short to keep looking backwards. So if you’re feeling down, get up, show up, and slay the day! We all experience lack of motivation by the middle of the week, but don’t stay that way. For days like this don’t forget your affirmations, use minds, or create your own. Hell, stick them all over your room and office too. Stay positive and happy. Learn to appreciate every minute of your life, even the things that make you want to just throw in the towel! Chat soon….

Ms. Fran


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