This shit is getting out of hand, children are being killed left and right. There is no excuse for a parent to send their kid to school to be gunned down. I’m not trying to take away your guns, but at what point do we have some damn laws. How is it fair for the head of the NRA kids to grow up, but not ours! No amount of money should keep you from voting on principle. Now every one of these kids and their parents will suffer from PTSD, and the way our stupid ass insurance system set up they won’t get the help they need. I’m so hurt and pissed off, and the orange bandit in office sits back and looks at the tv in awe! His grandkids will grow up! Again I don’t want to take your guns, but there’s no excuse for any fool on the damn street to get one. My heart breaks for these people.

Ms. Fran

Published by Olivia B. Shepherd

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