10 Things That Are Sexy to Me as Someone With Anxiety | The Mighty

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Why African Americans Don’t Seek Health Care?

There are different reasons to this answer this question, but the two major reasons are described below: Lack of knowledge and misunderstanding There is great misunderstanding about mental health in the African-American population. It is due to lack of knowledge as many people think that the mental health consultation is a sign of weakness andContinue reading “Why African Americans Don’t Seek Health Care?”

Personal Growth Affirmations

Reciting these affirmations every morning has been a big factor in how I go about my day. Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed, trying to get so much done in such a short time. At some point I just drop what I was doing and took a brief nap, woke up refreshed and recharged. I rememberedContinue reading “Personal Growth Affirmations”


This shit is getting out of hand, children are being killed left and right. There is no excuse for a parent to send their kid to school to be gunned down. I’m not trying to take away your guns, but at what point do we have some damn laws. How is it fair for theContinue reading “SO WHEN WILL IT END…WHEN ALL THE KIDS ARE DEAD???🤬”