Ash Wednesday 2018

Lent season is upon us, and usually around this time I find something to give up for my 40 days (actually 46). It’s usually alcohol, but this year I’m proud to say that I have already given that up. I have been holding study on my sobriety to, there were days I would get tempted. So far so good, and now I have to think of something else. It will come to me before the day is over, so as we prepare for lent take this time to reflect and pray. Reflect over life, and given up something shouldn’t be that hard as Jesus gave his life for us. Happy Fasting…..

Ms. Fran

“Let Today Be The Day You Give Up Who You’ve Been For Who You Can Become.”

Today is the the start of Lenten season, time to give time to the one who made us and sacrified Himself for us. Ash Wednesday today.


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