Hmm, an interesting article! I wonder how many can relate, just like mental illness everybody is scared to discuss sex too!!!

Ms. Fran🧐


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  1. Donnalee says:

    I think that ideally, yes, being present during sexual activities and life would happen all the time and be great. To me, it used to be the only way to do it, to be with someone you really wanted to be with, who wanted to be with you, and to not be high and to really both appreciate and all. However, with illness and ptsd and other factors, sometimes it can be hard enough for me to be present when eating breakfast! I try, and yet I can see that trauma and even just getting older and worn out takes a serious toll on being able to stay present, at least for me.

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      • Donnalee says:

        I think humans have this pattern be present, then space out to give yourself a break, then do it again, and I find that sometimes it’s easier and sometimes forget it–it’s not happening! Things like even reading a book and watching tv or movies are ways of giving yourself a break. I figure we all do the best we can, and I love to watch the birds and squirrels out in the backyard or play with my cats–they are pretty easy to be present with, so I practice with them!

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