Thursday’s Affirmations

Today’s affirmations were right on time this morning, yesterday I had to literally sit back and reanalyse my life. I had to realize that looking back on my past, dwelling on past hurts just wasn’t something I need to do. I had to remember not to go down that road of resentment. So I looked in the mirror and recited my affirmations before work, and put a pause on the negative thoughts in my head. So as always share these, or recite your own today. Live in the present moment, because looking back only causes harm. It’s ok to let things go, I’m learning this the hard way. Much like exercise, it sometimes pains us to get it done, but in the end we see those great results. So train your brain like you train your waistline, watch would you let in your head. Everything isn’t all good for you! Affirmations raises the feel-good level in your brain and if you use them properly, you can set yourself on an amazing self-improvement journey.

Ms. Fran


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