Believe You Can..that’s all!

Some days I really can’t believe how far I’ve come, then other days I’m like blah!! Then I look around my office and think of all the things I’m proud of. I see my two degrees hanging on my wall, and I can’t help but smile. I did it, I did it late and at my age. All I ever wanted to do was finish college and I did, so I get to pat myself on my back everyday. See because I determined my future, and I didn’t let anyone stop me….then depression happened! The thoughts in your head can have you thinking life is all over….NOT! Life is still worth living and I’m glad I didn’t give up! So my affirmations for today, fit my mood. I do feel a lot more optimistic than I have in a long time, and thanks to my friends and you all I surround myself around positive people everyday. Again, I know it’s hard but we have to continue pressing forward, even on our hardest days. So use these affirmations or create your own…chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran 


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