Believe You Can..that’s all!

Some days I really can’t believe how far I’ve come, then other days I’m like blah!! Then I look around my office and think of all the things I’m proud of. I see my two degrees hanging on my wall, and I can’t help but smile. I did it, I did it late and atContinue reading “Believe You Can..that’s all!”

I’m Sick Of Winter and the damn Flu too😷🤪😞

Well, I’m seriously considering shutting myself in the house, everywhere you turn somebody has the flu. I’m sitting in bed now, been sick for 3 days but too lazy to head over to the hospital. The flu has claimed 84 lives here in South Carolina and that scares me, but what if I don’t haveContinue reading “I’m Sick Of Winter and the damn Flu too😷🤪😞”