A Little Wednesday Wisdom

When I first saw this fact, I was pretty blown away. I mean those of us with sight, spend most of our time frowning and we get to see so many beautiful things in front us. We frown at traffic, we frown at crowds, we frown if someone honks their horn. We frown about every damn thing. ย I just couldn’t get it out of my head that a blind person sees none of this and manages to smile, so what’s our excuse. Just think about it hell we have sight for one, I felt pretty shameful after reading this and will think pretty hard about the next time I fix my face to frown. Hmmm, I hope this fact was helpful and that you manage to get a smile or two in today. Have a great Wednesday….

Ms. Fran

“The world is like a mirror, if you face it smiling, it smiles right back at you”

“SMILE, let everyone know today, you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday.”


2 thoughts on “A Little Wednesday Wisdom

  1. Donnalee says:

    Great point. With blind people it must just be from their own feelings and that is what their body does when they feel good. Therapybits blog folks smile a lot in their photos here on wordpress and they’ve been blind since birth. I have hardly ever seen Stevie Wonder when he is NOT smiling.

    Then again, they say dogs learn to smile from people, so maybe the dogs are trying to make an effort to speak our language that way to show goodwill. I never smile enough lately, and have no real reason except being pouty or grumpy. Thanks for the reminder to smarten up!

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