Speaking My Affirmations into my Soul!

On yesterday I was tempted to get a little weary and wanted to cry! I was in a drug store picking up some things to clean my face with, keeping up your hygiene is also a great self-improvement move. I remember the days of going days without doing my hair and showering, but that’s another topic. Ever been in the store and they play that song that sticks in your head, and your like ‘oh shit’ now I’m never going to stop remembering that song. Well I wish I had heard one of those songs, nooo today they decided to play the saddest song I ever heard. I just sat on the facial aisle and cried. I’m like straight shedding tears like a baby, lol the lady ask was I crying over the prices…lol! That cheered me right up, I just went into an episode of despair just that quick. All I could think about was my son, I know he is doing ok, but that damn song brought back so many memories of him. Now I guess you would like to know the name of it???? Guess what? I absolutely don’t freaking know, it sounded like Shania Twain but not sure. All I know is that shit took me all out of my damn zone, but I’m back now!!! I got in that car and decided to breath, and tell myself I’ve come to far. I sat there and recited some affirmations and felt myself calm down. Whooo, that was a painful shopping experience and I’m glad I have all these new techniques to bring me back to reality. I spent the day listening to some mindful and self improvement TedTalks while at work. I’m surely a believer that this new me is gaining my footing into the new year. I feel stronger than I have in a long time. I will say it again over and over, I’m super glad I decided to get some help. I now know that I can take control over my emotions…remember “it’s ok not to be ok, but try not to stay that way”! I am the master of my thoughts! I refuse to let them stop my self improvement. Cheers to a better me! Chat soon….

Ms. Fran ( the Self Improvement Queen)


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