Why do first-time male offenders receive jail sentences instead of probation or rehabilitation? 🤔

The current Justice system seems to work pretty well in most cases, but it does have its caveats. One of the major issues for a lot of people is that first time male offenders are facing injustice when they commit any type of felony. That’s especially true for the African American men that didn’t commit any felony at first.

According to a study shown in The Guardian, it seems that longer prison terms do cut crime. But the reality is that this analysis does hide a more complicated problem. If you increase the average sentence for burglary with a month, you reduce offending with around 0.5%. But in the end, all this does is it delays re-offending.

As a result, this also ends up ruining the life of a first-time felon as well. The more a person stays behind bars, the harder it will be for them to re-integrate in the regular society.

Ms. Fran


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