Racing thoughts: 7 tips to stop them


3 thoughts on “Racing thoughts: 7 tips to stop them

  1. Donnalee says:

    In Tibetan Buddhism, the belief is that we have six senses, and the thinking mind is one of them. It is felt that it is normal and expected for it to just think and think, because that is what it does when it is healthy: if there is an ‘object of thinking’ (anything to think about at all), and the thinking mind, then the process of thnking occurs naturally. It’s just like your ears are healthy and there is something to be heard, the process of hearing will occur.

    The solutions they suggest are some of the ones in this article, about being aware of the present, or using a mantra, since that is like giving the ‘monkeymind’ as they call it, something to play with and do instead of obsessing about thoughts. They also say that in meditating it is good not to keep your eyes looking up high (closed or not), since that makes the mind think more. They say eyes level with where they sit is best for meditating, and that eyes pointing down leads to sleep. Maybe these will be helpful too–

    I also think that it helps me a lot to know it’s not some medical crisis that my mind thinks all the time. To me it’s like a toddler that gets into everything, so I give it something safe to keep it occupied, like affirmations or mantras or even the counting sheep they used to talk about.

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