My Affirmations For Today:

As most of you know by now that I suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. and for so long I couldn’t see anything good about myself. I looked like I felt, and I wore my depression very well. Bags under my eyes, weight gain/lost, didn’t much do my hair, and barely came out the house. Who knew that finally a day would come that I could believe everything I say about myself. I’m happier than I’ve been n a long time, and I do see how unique I am, how beautiful I am, and how brave I have been. Life was so cruel to me for a while, but no longer will I hide from the curve balls it throws at me. I’m no longer ashamed of my mental illness and welcome all new life challenges. I intend on spending the rest of this year recovering and healing my body, mind, and soul. So today this are my affirmations I put on my vision board, because this is how I finally see myself. Feel free to use these or share with a friend in need of a little encouragement. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

Ms. Fran


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