Mindfulness Quotes!!

Good Wednesday, so I’m practicing mindfulness and it seems to be helping a little. I like the act of looking in the present, instead of my crazy past. I’m new to it, but thought I would leave some mindful quotes to end the day with!! Maybe you can stick these on notes along with yourContinue reading “Mindfulness Quotes!!”

Snow Day and Mindfulness

Happy snow day for some I guess, because I haven’t seen on damn flakeπŸ˜‚! That’s ok because I decided to finish brushing up on my mindfulness practice and setting my Echo Show to play meditation πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ music. I love this new gadget, you can program it to do just about about anything! Hell Alexa isContinue reading “Snow Day and Mindfulness”

My Affirmations For Today:

As most of you know by now that I suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. and for so long I couldn’t see anything good about myself. I looked like I felt, and I wore my depression very well. Bags under my eyes, weight gain/lost, didn’t much do my hair, and barely came out the house.Continue reading “My Affirmations For Today:”