Days: 13-15 A Mom is Sentence Too

Wow it’s been only 15 days! I miss him so much, just picking up the phone to call him. I have like 15 jokes I need to tell him and can’t. Today I was feeling a bit blue before saying my prayers…But God🙌🏾 He knows how to send me to the right scriptures. I justContinue reading “Days: 13-15 A Mom is Sentence Too”

Today’s Affirmations: Say them or share with others!

Terrific Tuesday all, today’s affirmations will help put your mind on the right track. They purify our thoughts and reconstruct your brain to see that nothing is impossible. You feel what you think, and thinking positive thoughts about yourself can up your self-esteem. I recommend you take one of these affirmations and write them down,Continue reading “Today’s Affirmations: Say them or share with others!”