It’s all about moving on and finding purpose Injustices do happen and in prison you would find number of cases of those people who don’t belong to it but you can’t have control on each and every situation.  Everyone wants to embrace freedom but some unwanted situations and circumstances twist the wheel of life! Don’tContinue reading “A NOTE FOR MOMS DEALING WITH INCARCERATED CHILD”

I’m Up😞

Haven’t been up with thoughts on my mind for sometime. Sometimes I think being a mother is so hard, then the next I think I got this! Heard some disturbing news about my son and I didn’t react very well. I think my sweet Ralphy (my dog) isn’t feeling well and I’m starting to feelContinue reading “I’m Up😞”

Days 10-12 A Mom is Sentence Too

Happy visiting day for my son, he got to see his little family today since he has been locked up! He seemed so happy on the phone last night when I spoke with him. He got a big surprise because my sweet grand is saying “da-da”! I’m so excited about everything that little fella isContinue reading “Days 10-12 A Mom is Sentence Too”