Day: 8 A Mom is Sentence Too

8 days down, hundreds to go! Spoke with him today, he finally moved to his new room with the black guys. Apparently in that prison camp you have to stick with your own 🙄Anyway, he sounded a little more upbeat today! He finds out tomorrow when his release date will be, I hope it’s sooner rather than later. I faced time my sweet grand baby today, who is looking more like him everyday. My sons girlfriend said, the baby and his sister have been acting kind of funny. The little girl is acting out, using the restroom in corners and peeing on her toys. I think she was so use to having a male figure around and is trying to express her little feelings. I know she misses him just like we do. My son is a really good dude who made a really bad decision, but you live and you learn. So I’m off to bed, feeling pretty good tonight about him. I really believe God has his arms around him! Also did I mention I’ve been sober for 8 whole days😃🙌🏾! Chat soon…..

Ms. Fran


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