Day 3: A Mom is Sentence Too

The days seem long as hell, I know it’s only been three days but in my mind it feels like forever. I take my phone every place I go even in the shower, yes in the shower!! I don’t want to miss his call, hearing his voice somehow soothes me. We spoke today for the maximum 15 minutes, it’s totally annoying hearing that woman on the phone counting down your time. I now feel bad for the times I brushed him off because I was sleep, or depressed. Working all day helps me out, it’s the nights that worry me the most. He sounded a little better today, I sent some money to his girlfriend to put on his account to get some shoes and snacks. Can you believe his father hasn’t called me yet for the address or to find out how he is doing???? This baffles me so freaking much, because the one time my son could use his dad would be now. Thank God my husband has stepped up in his place, how stupid can you be? Oh well not going to dwell on his stupid ass for too long, hell my son could care less about him. I just can’t see how you don’t think about someone you brought into this world and call yourself a man. My heart aches for my son, I know he made his bed, but I’m still his mom. He will forever be my sweet baby boy… soon!

Ms. Fran


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