A Little Wednesday Wisdom

When I first saw this fact, I was pretty blown away. I mean those of us with sight, spend most of our time frowning and we get to see so many beautiful things in front us. We frown at traffic, we frown at crowds, we frown if someone honks their horn. We frown about everyContinue reading “A Little Wednesday Wisdom”

Tuesday Affirmations!!

Throw your hands in the air if you made it past Monday….Yes! Monday is gone, now on to the rest of the week. I know staying positive and motivated is tough, but we have to hang in there. We may have to leave the negative attitudes in the closet, and lock that door. It’s onlyContinue reading “Tuesday Affirmations!!”

Last Day of Group Therapy! 🙌🏾

It’s Monday my last day of group therapy, it was a 10-week group to help me cope with my illness better. If I must say so myself, I have done very well and graduating today. I’m still a little under the weather and was going to stay home, but my therapist suggested I come. SoContinue reading “Last Day of Group Therapy! 🙌🏾”